The Arts


Dancing with Anna Mudeka                 Mask Making                      Steve Cole the author

The arts are like your backbone. You may be able to survive without your backbone, but what quality of life would you have?’ 

Sir Simon Rattle

The Arts are at the heart of our curriculum at Reepham Primary.

We need to encourage our children’s ability to explore and investigate;  to express themselves and to communicate their feelings;  to develop their  confidence and their self-esteem,  as well as their creative flair. We want them to gain experience of the world, our very varied culture and other cultures! We also need to expose them to the Arts to provide the next generation of artists, designers, engineers and creators.

At Reepham Primary Art, Dance, Music, Drama and Creative Writing exist in their own right but are also used to explore and enhance the children’s  learning in all areas of the curriculum.  If there is any question over the importance of the Arts in education,  the children’s thoughtful quotes will speak for themselves:

“You can be as creative as you want. There is no limit to your  imagination.” Year 4

“Art has been around since the beginning.” Year 6

“Art makes me feel like I can jump into the air and fly.” Year 4

“If we didn’t have art, lots of children wouldn’t be able to see what other places are like.” Year 3

“I like art because I can create my own thing that nobody else has   ever made.” Year 4

“Everyone can enjoy music, dancing and painting.” Year 4

“The arts give you a place to show your imagination.” Year 3

“Art brings out your true self; it shows you who you really are.”   Year 6

“If you get messy doing art you are having fun.” Year 1

“My art makes me feel important and special”

“Looking at other peoples art makes you feel like you are like people from other places and people from in the past times because we all like doing art” Year 5

“Art is beautiful to your heart like a best friend.” Reception


     Little Fir Tree Production               Music Concert                  Year 4 watercolour, pen and ink

In October 2014 Reepham Primary was awarded the Artsmark. Our validator praised our artwork, music, writing and drama. A link to our Artsmark Validation Report can be found below. Congratulations to our children and staff on their achievement.

Artsmark Validation Report Reepham Primary School

Artsmark Success at Reepham Primary

Last term we were nominated by a parent for an art award, and we won! Our prize was eighteen framed art prints of our choice which are now proudly displayed around school. Thank you to “Arts Sparks Learning” for this opportunity. We used the prints as inspiration for our Creative Writing Day this term.

We have also been visited this term by an Arts Council validator from Trinity College London, following our application for the Artsmark Award. Our validator was very impressed by the quality of the work that the children produce, and praised our dance, drama, music and writing. We are so pleased to have found out that we have achieved the award and have been encouraged to apply for gold status. Our validator wrote that our “school was a joy to visit and clearly gives children some high quality teaching in the arts and rich arts experiences in and outside school, with enthusiastic and skilled teachers and many high quality visiting artists who work well with children. Choirs and instrumental tuition and good working relationships with the music club are all supporting good music provision. The school has many strengths in the arts that are well articulated within it and were well presented during the visit by the Headteacher, arts leader, children and Chair of Governors.”

This year we hope to further develop our dance and drama, and to use our wonderful new prints to produce some really exciting writing! Our arts week later this school year will have a focus on creative writing and illustration and we hope to invite a comic book illustrator into school to inspire the children.

We are delighted to announce that we won the Art Sparks Learning competition and will now receive £750 worth of art equipment for our children. Thank you so much to everyone who voted for us, we are so grateful for your support and we look forward to involving the children in choosing our new equipment.