Message about ‘Coasting Schools’




Coasting Schools – what does this mean?

The government is implementing a new measure against which schools will be tested, this is called the ‘coasting schools’ initiative. A coasting school will be defined as one where less than 85% of pupils achieve a certain standard in their education, as set out by government.


Specifically, the criteria for a coasting primary school is:


  • In both 2014 and 2015, fewer than 85 per cent combined L4s on attainment and below the median percentage of expected progress in reading and writing and maths; and
  • In 2016, fewer than 85 per cent combined reaching ‘100’ on attainment and less the median percentage making expected progress (measure to be determined)


Until autumn 2016, there are no coasting schools. This is because the definition requires the 2016 data before it goes live.


Reepham Primary is pleased to say we are confident that we will achieve the required standards in 2015 and beyond and we do not anticipate becoming defined as a ‘coasting school’ in 2016. We have fantastic children at our school, and fantastic parents and staff. We are proud of our extended curriculum and the learning opportunities provided for our children, and are confident that Reepham Primary will continue to grow and develop, providing an excellent education for our young people.


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